Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the parents are enforcing the law

Sorry about the lack of updates, I had finals and then spring break so I've been pretty busy! I'm starting a new quarter at school and it's finally warm outside, so things are looking up! Good mood + good weather = fun outfits.

I love mixing black and brown. It's pretty much the best rule to break in my opinion.

green skirt: F21, top: F21, lace tights: F21, boots: Charlotte Russe, belt: stolen from mom

After listing that I always feel like an ad for Forever 21. They should really pay me at this point; the amount of clothing I own from there is ridiculous. However, here's a touch of originality that actually isn't from Forerver 21!

The thick middle bracelet was a birthday present from my lovely mother :) She found it at an antique store, apparently it's a Siam-inspired/crafted bracelet. Anyway, it's really unique and beautiful, I'm so glad she got it for me.

You should listen to: Weed Party by Band of Horses (just got their album Everything All the Time, it's fantastic)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

empty file cabinet

I wore this outfit to my friend's 21st birthday party this past Saturday. I'm slightly embarrassed to say it was inspired by Ke$ha in her video "Tik Tok"... I'm obsessed with that song unfortunately.. it offends my musical sensibilities but alas it cannot be helped! Plus she mentions Mick Jagger in the song, so I'll take that as a redeeming quality.

This last pose here was not what I expected it to be when I took it. I come off looking a lot more self-satisfied than I actually am, I assure you.

silk tank: F21, jean shorts: American Eagle, dot tights: F21, furry vest: F21

you should listen to:
Dog and Pony by Regina Spektor (her Live @ NYC Tonic album is a recurring obsession of mine)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I sold my voice

I wore this for a St. Patrick's Day themed party. Great fun! I took a lot of pictures of this outfit for some reason.. I think it was the skirt. I love this skirt and I never get to wear it. Last time was New Year's Eve, so I was definitely ready to pair it with something totally different!

I really hate the myspace vibe of these pictures, haha. I feel like such an angsty teen. However, until I get a better camera or a tripod of some sort, this will have to do.

I love the back of this dress (which I wore as a top). Sadly my long hair tends to hide the back detail.

green dress (worn as top): F21, striped skirt: Express, shoes: F21

You should listen to:
Mermaid by Regina Spektor