Wednesday, December 23, 2009

cameo appearance

I recently remembered that a while back I had picked up a cameo necklace at an antique store. I guess I thought it was too big or something... it seems perfect now! That's what I call shopping your own closet. Or... jewelry box.

I love this shirt, it's baggy and boyfriend-y, yet still feminine and fitted in the right places.

I'm wearing actual ex-boyfriend jeans at the moment. It's much cheaper than going out and buying a pair :) I had to do a little "tailoring" though:

And by tailoring, I of course mean a last minute safety pin or two. It really made a big difference though! Again, fitted and feminine in the right places.

(T-shirt: Gap, Jeans: not mine!, Shoes: Steve Madden, Cameo: vintage, Gold necklace & ring: F21)

You should listen to: Queen Bitch by David Bowie. (I currently have this song on repeat. It rules.)

Monday, December 21, 2009

black & brown

I liiiike it. Oh, oh, oh, oh I like it.

(Blazer: Gap, Tights: F21, Boots: Charlotte Russe, Dress: F21)

I'm also embracing chandelier earrings. I've been wearing just simple posts for a long time, especially after I got my ears pierced for the second time. I feel like these alone dress up any outfit, however they're kind of constrictive in the fact that I have to wear my hair completely back or they get tangled up and it's just a giant clusterfuck.

Still, they're fun :)

(Earrings: H&M, Plaid Coat: Express)

You Should Listen to: Sweet Jane by Velvet Underground

Friday, December 18, 2009

like a bird, you know she would fly

Now that I'm on winter break I've been visiting the library obsessively and checking out way too many magazines, books and movies. I'm pretty sure the people who work there think I have too much time on my hands, haha. Well anyway, one of the magazines I checked out was the November 2009 issue of Glamour with Scarlett Johansson on the cover. I saw this spread and discovered my new love, Noreen Carmody!

Love that eye make-up. I emulated it today. It's very Edie Sedgwick, but a bit less extreme so it works great for daytime!

Adorable. What more can be said?

You know what's great about her? Despite the fact that this photo shoot is inexcusably stupid and she is carrying a giant blow-up lobster, she still looks amazing.

In conclusion, this girl is stunning. Honestly, the clothing I could take or leave. The fact that I keep coming back and looking at this spread really says something about her. Someone has finally brought a power and a feeling that resonates through the pages! So many of these photo shoots are all exactly the same (ie jumping in the air, crazy/ugly hair blowing in the wind, limbs flung about in odd angles, etc.), so I was really thrilled to find a model who brought something to the shoot! Plus, she's given me one more reason for me to go for the chop...

Alright, enough with my rambling obsessiveness. I did all my holiday shopping today and managed to only buy one thing for myself. Go me! Here's something I found the other day that has been added to my list:

These are Simply Vera Wang and I found them at Kohl's! I couldn't believe it. I never go in there, but I was with a friend and I thought I would check out the Vera Wang line. The clothes were just ho-hum in my opinion, but the shoes were fantastic! These are really comfy too, which is shocking.

Well, that's all for me for now. I hope everyone has a great holiday!

You should listen to: There She Goes Again by Velvet Underground

[PS: Photos of Noreen by Chris Craymer for Glamour. I just scanned them (: ]

Monday, November 23, 2009

she wears an egyptian ring that sparkles before she speaks

Forgive the excessive amount of pictures in this post; I'm trying to get the most out of my crappy camera by trying new angles, so we'll see how that works out. I went shopping for the first time in quite a while and it was the best feeling ever. There were definitely some items I "needed".

Although my outfit wasn't initially inspired by her, I'm definitely giving off a Blair Waldorf vibe (Gossip Girl. *grimace* Yeah, I watch it), which is absolutely fine by me because Blair is the bomb.

Corny pic. Note the 'smeyesing' going on here. God, I hate Tyra. Did anyone see that Top Model episode? She coined this ridiculously annoying phrase "smeyes" (I'm guessing at the spelling here considering it's a fake word), which is a mash-up of 'smiling with your eyes'. She kept repeating it over and over again throughout the entire episode, yelling at the models, "ARE YOU SMEYESING??!!" Then she started to say that they needed to "smeyes with their eyes", or in other words... 'smile with their eyes with their eyes'. Damn you Tyra! Then my head exploded. Alright, anyway... here's a close-up:

Headband: H&M (one of my new purchases!)

Polka-dot tights: F21 (also a new purchase!) Skirt: F21, Boots: Aldo, Sweater: F21 (new as well. Can you tell I like Forever 21?)

You should listen to: Meet Me In The Morning by Bob Dylan

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm a rattlesnake babe, I'm like fuel on fire

Well I haven't posted in quite some time. Today my outfit was partially inspired by The Stylish Wanderer, because her post made me remember that I own lace tights!

I just watched Factory Girl a couple days ago, has anyone seen it? I thought it was a really great movie and it definitely piqued my interest in Edie Sedgwick. Not only is she linked to Bob Dylan (which makes her infinitely more interesting to me), but her life was so incredibly tragic. I find the whole Factory scene completely fascinating. I'm hopelessly nostalgic... sometimes I really feel like I was born into the wrong generation. The 60s are like antiquity for me... the best times have already come and gone!

My Edie-inspired pose, haha. I'm lame.
Blazer: Gap, Shirt: random Triumph motorcycle T-shirt courtesy of my dad, Skirt: American Eagle, Tights: F21, Boots: Charlotte Ruse. Sorry about the darkness of the photos. My camera pretty much blows.

You should listen to: Lady on the Water by Blizten Trapper

Monday, November 2, 2009

big noise

My zombie prom date costume turned out pretty awesome, in case anyone was interested. I think I missed my calling as a zombie make-up artist. I'll post some pictures from the Halloween extravaganza once I get them from my friend (and you know, if they aren't too humiliating). This was my outfit for today:

I was inspired by Natalie Off Duty , so thank you! :) I like the idea of pants with a higher waist, and these are the highest pants I own. Not sure if you can tell very well by the picture but they are mint green, which I found to be quite delightful when I bought them.
Pants: H&M, Boots: Aldo, Shirt: F21, Cardi/Vest: F21

You should listen to: Teardrop by Jose Gonzalez

See my poster of Bob in the background? I'm obsessed. That is one of many that populates my room.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

frozen copse of trees

Vintage day for me.
I wore my mom's cropped zip-up blazer. It's black velvet with tan detail. Apparently she bought it at a vintage store when she was younger so... late '60s, early 70s vintage? It's such a fun jacket!

Wearing my favorite vintage bracelet as well!

I feel very 'myspace' with these lame mirror pictures, but hey, it's the best I can do. Aaaaand a back view:
Purple skinnies: F21, Black T-Shirt: Gap, Boots: Aldo.

Halloween is this weekend. I'm excited! Me and a friend are dressing up as zombies.. I'm thinking of maybe going with 'zombie prom date'. Should be a good time at the biggest and craziest Halloween party in Ohio!

You should listen to: Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron and Wine

Thursday, October 15, 2009

la la la la la

I've thought about it; and if someone asked me to describe my fashion sense, I would say that if Bob Dylan and Zooey Deschanel had a love child... well, I would want to be that fashion love child.


I'm obsessed..

You should listen to: All I Want is You by Roxy Music

Sunday, October 4, 2009

can I still survive the same old scene?

I've been pretty busy working so I haven't had time to post, and when I went to see what picture I had saved... alas, it's one of me wearing the same boots! Oh well, haha. I got my wish, and the weather has gotten cold enough to warrant wearing my boyfriend blazer. I opted for gray leggings under a long creme patterned tank; sort of a juxtaposition of seasonal dressing. Tank is from Forever 21, blazer is from Gap, boots from Charlotte Russe. Look for some Emma Stone a la Zombieland inspired clothing tomorrow! But for now.. an item currently on my wishlist:

Steve Madden "Tuxxedo" in Cognac. I NEED these!

You should listen to: Nightingale by Roxy Music

Friday, September 25, 2009

pointing to the sky

Really wanted to wear my new over-the-knee boots today. I'm turning into a real sucker for the 'little dress paired with cardigan' look. Also layering. I'm a little late on the layering trend I guess, but I never really knew how to make it work for me. White dress layered over green dress with rose printed cardigan (all from F21). Woven brown belt (borrowed from my mom! we share clothes a lot), gray boots from Charlotte Ruse (incredibly cheap compared to the pair I stared at for 2 weeks at Aldo!) and gray patterned tights. I believe they're Chinese Laundry. That brand has a lot of cute patterned tights and you can get them at places like Penney's or Macy's. I also jumped on the band wagon a little late with the 'belt cinching the dress look'. It seemed way too trendy to me and all the "cute girls" on campus had it as a wardrobe staple so I steered clear for a while; but as it turns out, it really solves my whole no hips/weird waist problem. So hurrah for me. By the way, "cute girl" is a sort of jargon that my friends and I created. Cute Girls are everywhere; they are your typical pink-loving, Notebook-watching, Audrey Hepburn poster-owning girls who frequent the tanning booth. Not that I'm judgmental of course...

You should listen to: Temporary Like Achilles by Bob Dylan

Thursday, September 24, 2009

they're down on me

Rainy day on campus, ergo; flat and lifeless hair. A sad day indeed. Outfit inspiration today was those amazing Chloe scalloped shorts! Sadly, it's still too hot to wear with my boyfriend blazer, but its day will come. Shorts are from Forever 21, blouse is from H&M. Paired with oversized cream flower ring from Forever 21, Fossil watch and little pearl bracelet. Boots are mid-calf fringed from Aldo (I'm obsessed). I can also see that I have a really crappy camera and don't really know how to take pictures of myself/post them using this blog. Whoops.
Song of the moment: Chemo Limo by Regina Spektor

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

first of many pretentious posts

So, last time I had a blog of any sort was during the xanga craze. Although at the time I thought I was quite witty, my blog was in fact, lame. Hopefully this one will be less lame. I've been obsessively looking through blogger's fashion blogs lately, and I'm just enough of a narcissist to think that perhaps someone will obsessively look through mine, should I have one. And so, after spending way too much time debating over clever names, here I am. Now this first photo is pretty terrible. Don't get me wrong, the outfit is fab. The photography skills however leave much to be desired. My dad took this picture because today was my first day of school. (Yeah, I'm 20 and in college. So?) We thought it would be funny, in an ironic sort of way. Who knows. Anyway, the tentative set-up of this blog is outfit of the day, wish list, and playlist/song of the day. Alright so here goes.. outfit of the day:

Note the cheesy smile. Like I said, lame 'first day' picture. Also I should probably add that although this is a blog about fashion, it isn't pricey fashion. The clothes I wear are really affordable. Personally, I don't think it matters at all how much something costs. Just because you own Tory Burch flats doesn't mean you have fashion sense. It means you have a lot of money. Not that I'm hating on money. Anyway, these feelings of animosity may or may not come from a school I recently transferred from where the girls' ideas of fashion was a Ralph Lauren polo with Nike gym shorts. Okay, on with my outfit: the peasant top is from Forever 21, high-waisted skirt is from Forever 21, boots are from Aldo. My jewelry is vintage. The scarab beetle bracelet was my grandma's: I really love it. It goes with so many outfits and it really adds interest. Note the old-fashioned catch. I think it's beautiful.