Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the parents are enforcing the law

Sorry about the lack of updates, I had finals and then spring break so I've been pretty busy! I'm starting a new quarter at school and it's finally warm outside, so things are looking up! Good mood + good weather = fun outfits.

I love mixing black and brown. It's pretty much the best rule to break in my opinion.

green skirt: F21, top: F21, lace tights: F21, boots: Charlotte Russe, belt: stolen from mom

After listing that I always feel like an ad for Forever 21. They should really pay me at this point; the amount of clothing I own from there is ridiculous. However, here's a touch of originality that actually isn't from Forerver 21!

The thick middle bracelet was a birthday present from my lovely mother :) She found it at an antique store, apparently it's a Siam-inspired/crafted bracelet. Anyway, it's really unique and beautiful, I'm so glad she got it for me.

You should listen to: Weed Party by Band of Horses (just got their album Everything All the Time, it's fantastic)


  1. Beautiful outfit!


  2. Love this style:)

    Factory Girl