Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm a rattlesnake babe, I'm like fuel on fire

Well I haven't posted in quite some time. Today my outfit was partially inspired by The Stylish Wanderer, because her post made me remember that I own lace tights!

I just watched Factory Girl a couple days ago, has anyone seen it? I thought it was a really great movie and it definitely piqued my interest in Edie Sedgwick. Not only is she linked to Bob Dylan (which makes her infinitely more interesting to me), but her life was so incredibly tragic. I find the whole Factory scene completely fascinating. I'm hopelessly nostalgic... sometimes I really feel like I was born into the wrong generation. The 60s are like antiquity for me... the best times have already come and gone!

My Edie-inspired pose, haha. I'm lame.
Blazer: Gap, Shirt: random Triumph motorcycle T-shirt courtesy of my dad, Skirt: American Eagle, Tights: F21, Boots: Charlotte Ruse. Sorry about the darkness of the photos. My camera pretty much blows.

You should listen to: Lady on the Water by Blizten Trapper


  1. i liked that movie was so sad yet strangely romantic or something. it definitely made me wish i could be as carefree and cool as edie was...but you know, without all the drugs and stuff.

  2. I really want to see that movie, its had a lot of good reccomendations.
    Really like the lace tights here, works well with everything else! Great blazer too.
    Thanks for the sweet comment.

  3. Check my post: make up inspired by Edie!!that is my older post...:))