Monday, November 23, 2009

she wears an egyptian ring that sparkles before she speaks

Forgive the excessive amount of pictures in this post; I'm trying to get the most out of my crappy camera by trying new angles, so we'll see how that works out. I went shopping for the first time in quite a while and it was the best feeling ever. There were definitely some items I "needed".

Although my outfit wasn't initially inspired by her, I'm definitely giving off a Blair Waldorf vibe (Gossip Girl. *grimace* Yeah, I watch it), which is absolutely fine by me because Blair is the bomb.

Corny pic. Note the 'smeyesing' going on here. God, I hate Tyra. Did anyone see that Top Model episode? She coined this ridiculously annoying phrase "smeyes" (I'm guessing at the spelling here considering it's a fake word), which is a mash-up of 'smiling with your eyes'. She kept repeating it over and over again throughout the entire episode, yelling at the models, "ARE YOU SMEYESING??!!" Then she started to say that they needed to "smeyes with their eyes", or in other words... 'smile with their eyes with their eyes'. Damn you Tyra! Then my head exploded. Alright, anyway... here's a close-up:

Headband: H&M (one of my new purchases!)

Polka-dot tights: F21 (also a new purchase!) Skirt: F21, Boots: Aldo, Sweater: F21 (new as well. Can you tell I like Forever 21?)

You should listen to: Meet Me In The Morning by Bob Dylan

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  1. haha! you make me smeyse. no, check that, you actually make me smile for real. i didn't see that episode but i saw a clip of her doing that on a talk show and it was ridiculous.
    you look adorable in your blair outfit. i love gossip girl, it's like a drug.