Wednesday, December 23, 2009

cameo appearance

I recently remembered that a while back I had picked up a cameo necklace at an antique store. I guess I thought it was too big or something... it seems perfect now! That's what I call shopping your own closet. Or... jewelry box.

I love this shirt, it's baggy and boyfriend-y, yet still feminine and fitted in the right places.

I'm wearing actual ex-boyfriend jeans at the moment. It's much cheaper than going out and buying a pair :) I had to do a little "tailoring" though:

And by tailoring, I of course mean a last minute safety pin or two. It really made a big difference though! Again, fitted and feminine in the right places.

(T-shirt: Gap, Jeans: not mine!, Shoes: Steve Madden, Cameo: vintage, Gold necklace & ring: F21)

You should listen to: Queen Bitch by David Bowie. (I currently have this song on repeat. It rules.)


  1. gorgeous necklace! and i love the shoes.

  2. I adore your necklace, honey!

    kisses and best wishes for Christmas from Austria and "It's on with Allegra BJ"

  3. I love the necklace and the shoes! Very nice.

  4. i love your necklace! i've always wanted a cameo.

  5. very cute oxfords! i also have those black steve madden heels although i can't wear them for very long cause they always hurt my feet. great blog!