Friday, January 1, 2010

Night & Day

Happy 2010 everyone! I had a great evening, unfortunately I failed to document any of it. Instead, in a fit of nerdiness, I recreated my outfit from last night. Alas, it is lacking my hair teased to high heaven and my Edie makeup, but you get the general idea.

Unfortunately you can't really tell from the picture, but I wore a sequined tank underneath the sheer black blouse and it created this really cool, subtle glitter action!
(Black blouse: Kimchi Blue (UO), Sequined tank: Express)

I just bought this skirt and I'm obsessed with it! I tried it on a couple days ago, decided against buying it, and then went back the next day and got it.
(Striped pencil skirt: Express)
I love these Steve Madden shoes. They're my mom's of course, so she was all worried that I was going to ruin them whilst out of the town. Fear not, they survived the night.

My dad is cooking a nice dinner for the family (we even busted out the nice china) so I decided to dress for the occasion, because that's how I make my own fun.

I got the tank top and skirt from my mom for Christmas. At first I wasn't so sure about the skirt... I didn't really think it was very "me", (whatever that means), but after putting it on and belting it I'm pleasantly surprised!

More glitter action with the tank :)

(Skirt, Tank: J.Crew, Cardigan: F21, Tights: Chinese Laundry, Shoes: Bobbi Blue)

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