Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a damsel with a dulcimer

Just got out of my English class, hence the literary reference in my title. I have really grown to like Kubla Khan by Samuel Coleridge. Fascinating imagery. Anyway, here's my outfit for today.

Ignore the ridiculous expression on my face. I clearly have much to learn from Tyra.

(Top: F21, Shorts: F21, Headband: J.Crew, Boots: Charlotte Russe)

As you can just barely see, I recently got my nose pierced! It didn't really hurt all that much but the 45 minute wait was almost more than I could stand. I had to endure sweaty palms and ultimately a fainting episode. Good times. So far, however, I'm really happy with it :)

You should listen to: Colleen by Joanna Newsom